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What is energy therapy?

Energy therapy is a natural alternative medicine; it aims at easing your physical and emotional burdens.

Once your body and chakras are freed from blockages and tensions, they can work with full power and harmoniously. Your body strengthens its own healing power. 

All together, you feel more secure, peaceful, joyful and powerful. 


How does it work?

During an energy therapy session, I do not practice any physical manipulation. It feels more like a therapeutic massage.

The technique I use is a mix of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure (finger pressure - no needles) and energy flow. 


What for?

  • relieving stress and anxiety 

  • strengthening immune system 

  • recharging when feeling energy depleted 

  • easing back pain, sleeping troubles, digestive disorders

  • lifting the burden of emotional pain and suffering


The benefits are tangible from the first session. 

Nonetheless, dissolving tensions related to a deeply rooted problem - such as anxiety, exhaustion, sleep disorder - may require an average of 4 sessions.


This therapy does not aspire to replace medical treatment. However, it is a valuable complement to any existing treatment. 


Energy therapy is recommended to all. Even to our pets! 


Welcome to a deep relief for a lighter life!

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