What is energy therapy?

Energy therapy is a natural alternative medicine. Thorough and deep, it works on the origine of problems by cleansing, balancing and harmonising body and chakras. Your body strengthens its own healing power. All together, you feel more joyful, peaceful and powerful. 


How does it work?

During an energy therapy session, I do not practice any physical manipulation. 

The methodology is based on a mix of acupressure on reflexology points and energy circulation. 


What for?


- stress relief

strengthening immune system 

- back pain

- sleeping troubles

- digestive disorders

- hormonal imbalance 

- post delivery recovery

- emotional setback

- light psychological difficulties 

The effects can be visible on the first session. Solving long-term issues can often require an average of 4 sessions.


This therapy does not aspire to replace medical treatment. However, it is a fine complement to any exiting treatment. 


Energy therapy is recommended to all. Even to our pets!


Welcome to a deep relief for a lighter life!

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