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Patricia Bravo

Energy Therapist

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About me ...

I have always loved caring for others. 

To me, life is about quality relationships and meaningful growth. 


Here is my story: I grew up in France, my parents separated when I was 5 years old, then both remarried. I was wounded. For years, I struggled unsuccessfully to find peace and balance, but luckily I never gave up.  

Now I am a Mum and Step Mum living happily with Mr. Right on a hill in the forest of Switzerland. 


I went through many ups and downs before building this life that allows me to truly be who I want to be. So, I know what it takes.

It was energy healing that provided me the immense support I needed to be able to get to this happy place. I overcame my fears, my setbacks; instead I grew courage and determination. 


If you are struggling now, please don’t continue to carry these physical and emotional burdens. I can help you get to that new and better life! 

A life where challenges are managed with strength, clarity and a sense of purpose. A life where joy, growth and love are always in focus!


I look forward to meeting you!

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